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Suzuki GSXR 1000 2017 Air tunnels Set of air tunnels, for better and more efficient fitment.…
€ 185,00
tankcover GSXR1000 2017 rear stock shape This tankcover is designed to protect the tank in case of a…
€ 93,00
tankcover GSXR1000 2017 rear EVO shape This tankcover is not only designed in order to protect the…
€ 93,00
tankcover Suzuki GSXR1000 2017 front part This tankcover replaces the OEM tankcover, this saves weight…
€ 120,00



About us

TMF stands for Tomasz, Magda & Franek. After years of experience with construction work in the metal industry I started to combine my experience with my passion for working on motorcycle racing bikes. With the help of CRC founding father Rico Mertens I developed my skills for making subframes, cockpitframes and the related polyesther parts. The first products for the Yamaha R1 2015 were enthusiastically received by the market. This was ground for further extending the product line. 

I hope you enjoy you visit to this website. 

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